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A little about us here at On The Straight and Farro

Hi there! Welcome to On The Straight and Farro.  My name is Kelly and I’m so happy you’re here! Let me tell you a little bit about us: We love food. As in, talking about it, planning it, making it, taking pictures of it, and of course, eating it. My husband Ross will be the first to tell you that I love to share food, or sometimes I like to eat from his plate and call it sharing.

More recently, I’ve been on a journey learning to make foods I love in a healthy way.  I’ve seen the benefits of eating fresh, healthy ingredients first hand, which makes me even more passionate about it. Ross handles behind the scenes tech stuff, edits photography, and is a great taste-tester. Together, we want to deliver healthy meals we hope your family will enjoy as much as we do! Our journey to healthy eating began together, so it’s only natural that we work as a team to create the content for this blog. We don’t adhere to one specific diet, I’d say we’re flexitarian at it’s finest. Our goal: making healthy substitutions to foods we love without sacrificing flavor.  I don’t count calories, it’s never been something I could maintain and to be honest, I’ve found it to be a bit tedious.  Instead, I believe that by being aware of healthy alternatives and making good choices, you can meet wellness and fitness goals without the math.

Along the way there have been some food fails, so I’ll also share things that haven’t worked well for our taste (the dreaded black bean brownies of 2014). We also have some serious wanderlust and travel whenever we can, exploring foods as well as culture. You’ll find recipes inspired from all over the world, and possibly some travel tips here and there. These meals come straight from our kitchen, but we hope that you keep coming back so that they can be a part of your’s too!

A little more about me personally, I’m a school psychologist working with elementary kiddos by day, which is challenging and fun. I might possibly be the messiest cook around, and I truly despise doing dishes! I live an active lifestyle and prefer savory snacks over sweet ones. Oh, and I really want to live in a tiny house one day 🙂


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